Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I’m still here
Sell the sizzle
How do I startle you?
The seeds are in you
Good manners
Only deliberation equals justice
There are no secrets
The 2-20-1930 danzig
They stole our future
Focus, focus
Sit in a hard chair and sweat
Shame on you
The designated mourner
There is a lull in their life
What is your expiration date?
Don’t understand me too quickly
You can’t change the Ten Commandments
You can change the rules of evidence
The owl rehearses the cry of death
Look at the view
Does the station leave the train?
You are unique
More than a meal ticket
Reasonable does not mean cheap
Get your turn at bat
Life is not scripted
Don’t be detached
The unknown soldier and his wife
I’m still here
The great hunter lies beneath the earth. The wild ass stamps over his head but cannot break his sleep
When he is gone turn down an empty glass
Call me when he is dead
I hate to interrupt his train of venom
Aloneness is what the trial lawyer is all about
Just you and a pocket full of words
“Do not mock me” he said
Une Maison de Qualite
L'heure bleu
Let your righteous anger cool
Send a message
Use your magic wand
The body is unique
You injure the whole man, not just part of him
Don’t put your stamp of approval on this
A debt has been created
If you were carrying golf balls instead of eggs there would be no injury
Shame on you
Endless acres of afternoons
Beautiful moments
You have two ears and one mouth. So?
Go into the night gently
Learn to listen
Eminence grise
You will be known by the roster of your enemies
You will never be wonderful
Drink from dry glasses
Experto crede
Be old fashioned
A lawyer must be bold
Against stupidity even the Gods battle in vain
There is no free lunch
Have the audacity to win
Look thru different lenses
A life so rich is hard to leave
Just for pretty
The clock stopped ticking
The world stopped turning
When you and I talk I must use words
I have reached a significant age
A night of doubt
The owl rehearses the cry of death in the forest.
Being a trial lawyer is all about you being alone and a pocket full of words
Don’t get feedback
March to your own drum beat
Blend in
Let your brain get you the attention
Do you really want the spotlight?
The spotlight is harsh
People will want you to fail
People get pleasure at someone else’s misfortune
They are deeps thoughts
Take good care
Worry gets you nowhere
Thinking gets you somewhere
Focus, Focus
Keep a clear mind
You can’t get smart
You can learn discipline
They key to success is listening
Quit making notes and listen
If you are really smart they will come to you
Call back yesterday, bid time return
If you could choose any name what name would you be?
The eternal dance
Sizing each other up
Choose a lifetime partner carefully
Being a lawyer is a privilege not a business
Surround yourself with music
Surround yourself with art
Make a living
You learn the words to songs easily without making notes. You can learn your profession just as easy without making notes. Listen, listen, listen.
You have 2 ears and 1 mouth
You are a guest in life
Life is short
Life is to be enjoyed, not endured
The art of persuasion
To start a conversation at a bar you don’t use your blackberry
Don’t prepare your argument
Don’t rehearse your argument
Speak as you want to speak
Don’t speak as someone tells you to speak
You can’t fool a jury
You can’t fool a judge
Your reputation within the legal community is vital
Clients want smart lawyers
Other lawyers recommend smart lawyers
If you are born smart you will do extremely well
If you are not smart don’t be a lawyer
Read! Read! Read!
Words are precious
Collect words as if they are jewels
My wit is my passport
Show respect always
Une Mason de qualite
Respect the earth
The desert is your brother
It is your parents resting place
Eminence gris
Experto credo
The owl rehearse the cry of death in the forest.
Can leave out if necessary
The last crumb is the tastiest
The law is a learned profession
Rent 1 room and open your office
I am still here
Anything less than full justice is injustice
Justice delayed is justice denied
He ran all the way
Sit in a hard chair and sweat
We are born astride a grave
It is against every law of nature for a parent to bury a child
Against stupidity even God battles is vain
Happy deathday to you
Bitter bookeeping of death
Dream no charge for alterations
Your brain is your toolbox
Life is jazz not ballroom dancing
Have the audacity to win and win again and again
Enjoy the party(life)this is it! so have a good time
What is your expiration date?
A life so rich is hard to leave says the king's horseman
There is a lull in my life
Too much is not enough
When I talk to YOU I MUST use words
The owl rehearses it's cry of death in the forest
Does the train leave the station or does the station leave the train
Look at the view mister look at the view
I am wired for it
The number of your years is limited BUT your reputation lives forever
I am unique
Keep pitching the woo
Let the dead take care of the dead
The unknown soldier and his wife
I have my time and I have my era
I have had my moments
I am the designated mourner
I do magic
This is not a discount courthouse
Appreciate judges juries and yourself
Good is better than bad because it is nicer
Craft a crisp sentence to wrap up a bale of thought
Respect the judges
Just for pretty
When I speak with you I must use words
The jury smells out the strengths and weaknesses of your case
The jury is the conscience of the community
Pain is the tool of torturers
Don’t put your stamp of approval on this conduct
Strike from the calendar dead yesterday and unborn tomorrow
Did he get on?
No rose blooms as red as where some ceasar bled
He said “and when I die---drink a toast to my life---then turn down an empty cup”
For sale/baby shoes/never used
In my 79 years “I fell in love with words”
The young soldier seeks the bubble reputation even in the cannon’s mouth
When talking it is the pauses that really tell the story
Those that help the poor lend to GOD
Too much/Not enough
The owl rehearses the cry of death
He is wired for it
The jury has to do the Bitter Bookkeeping of death

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

         He ain’t nothing but a pitch man – He’s just a talker

He’s nothing but a snake oil salesman

But WOW, look at those jury verdicts he got!

I earned my reputation as a trial lawyer

 March to your own drumbeat

Look at those below you, look at those above you. We will all be fellow passengers on the trip to the grave

Street fighter – Scrapper.

Don’t throw the widow on the human garbage heap

Rage daddio rage

Dream. No charge for alterations

Be more than generous to the poor

Being friendly and being a trial lawyer doesn’t work

Jurors want to see a lawyer fight for his client

Charming does not work with the jury

Don’t be a one trick pony

Only an honest lawyer is respected

Don’t ever try to fool a judge

Know  your facts

Know the law

Apply the law to the facts

If you don’t like learning, don’t become a lawyer

Being a lawyer is a life of learning

If you want to be liked, be a pediatrician

If you want to be applauded, be an athlete

If you want to be admired, be a trial lawyer

Open your own office and you’ll never be a slave

Life is short, enjoy it

Money is only good to either give or exchange things for

Being a great trial lawyer is being lonely

What counts is what You think of yourself. Never try to show off in a courtroom

Give yourself a big hug

There is no such thing as a good loser

If you don’t have enemies, then create them

Sit on a hard chair and sweat

A lawyer must be BOLD

Focus. Focus, focus

A crisp sentence that wraps up a bale of thought

Radio romantica

Sentimental Richard

Beep! Beep!

You can’t change the Ten Commandments

Deal with raisins and almonds

Learn to play tennis without a net

The bitter bookkeeping of death

I’m still here

Good is better than great