Monday, June 4, 2012

         He ain’t nothing but a pitch man – He’s just a talker

He’s nothing but a snake oil salesman

But WOW, look at those jury verdicts he got!

I earned my reputation as a trial lawyer

 March to your own drumbeat

Look at those below you, look at those above you. We will all be fellow passengers on the trip to the grave

Street fighter – Scrapper.

Don’t throw the widow on the human garbage heap

Rage daddio rage

Dream. No charge for alterations

Be more than generous to the poor

Being friendly and being a trial lawyer doesn’t work

Jurors want to see a lawyer fight for his client

Charming does not work with the jury

Don’t be a one trick pony

Only an honest lawyer is respected

Don’t ever try to fool a judge

Know  your facts

Know the law

Apply the law to the facts

If you don’t like learning, don’t become a lawyer

Being a lawyer is a life of learning

If you want to be liked, be a pediatrician

If you want to be applauded, be an athlete

If you want to be admired, be a trial lawyer

Open your own office and you’ll never be a slave

Life is short, enjoy it

Money is only good to either give or exchange things for

Being a great trial lawyer is being lonely

What counts is what You think of yourself. Never try to show off in a courtroom

Give yourself a big hug

There is no such thing as a good loser

If you don’t have enemies, then create them

Sit on a hard chair and sweat

A lawyer must be BOLD

Focus. Focus, focus

A crisp sentence that wraps up a bale of thought

Radio romantica

Sentimental Richard

Beep! Beep!

You can’t change the Ten Commandments

Deal with raisins and almonds

Learn to play tennis without a net

The bitter bookkeeping of death

I’m still here

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